• Play as a guy who want to make erotic things with her mate.


  • Walk around and take some free sex with the mate.


  • Using Keyboard
    • Z - Action
    • Direction Arrows - Movement

This game was developed through my Patreon!

Development log


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it's looking great, and the pixel art is fantastic.

The elevator took awhile, idk what you have planned for that area of the game, but the elevator takes a long time to go all the way down. maybe to speed it up the player can select the floor from a menu that pops up when you press z on the elevator buttons. After selecting the floor, the screen fades black and then fades back in and the player is at the floor they selected. 

hope that makes sense, wanted to leave some constructive feedback. love your pixel art

I have been downthe elevator and back again and I have 1160 and still no use for the book :/

I guess I'll be the  first to ask...

If you already have the girl (the prize), then

what is the end game here?

i cant even download it help

um... dunno how to say this, mate, but how about having one-handed controls?


What is the book for?

yeah I want to know that too



how do you go through the arena closed area


u can go there buying the two skills o the shop and after by getting 500 SXP


thank you for telling me